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Register your deer harvest

All successful deer hunters must register each deer they harvest. First register with the State of Iowa. Then register with Polk County.

Photo Credit: Todd Copely

First register your harvest with Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Visit the DNR website for instructions and to register online.


Or, call 800-771-4692.

Remember your confirmation number.


Then register your harvest with Polk County Conservation.

Provide the following information:

  • Hunter name
  • Hunter ID number
  • Location of harvest
  • Date and time of harvest
  • Registration/transportation tag number
  • DNR confirmation number
  • Type of harvest (doe, button buck, shed buck, or incentive buck)

Choose your method of registration:

Register online:


It's quick and easy!

Or, if you would prefer to speak with a person, then please call instead.

Register by phone:

Call Charlie Finch of Polk County Conservation at 515-266-1563.